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A Phased Approach to a Cloud Migration

Enterprise Datacenter Migration to the Cloud

Phase 1 – Understand the functional requirements for each application based on a number of business criteria and then start a pilot or trial project for a set of non mission critical applications and stage them into, an appropriate public cloud. Learn the ropes for the cloud environment by provisioning new apps and scaling existing ones on demand. Use the public cloud to archive and backup non-sensitive information. Examples of applications could be

Phase 2 – Create a private cloud for mission support applications. Utilize the private cloud to test, develop or provision and scale. Learn the ropes.

Phase 3 – Execute a plan to move mission critical applications from the traditional DC to the private cloud

Phase 4 – Now you are running a Hybrid cloud. This should enable the IT team to focus on more strategic projects. Create a plan to produce new competitive applications and provision them dynamically in the private or public cloud.

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