To License or Not?

Technology Licensing Benefits Licensing gives the owner of the technology and IP several benefits. For one, the owner retains ownership and can ‘sell’ the assets multiple times in a manner of speaking. In addition, the income becomes a recurring stream rather than a lump sum, giving various financial and operational benefits. For example, recurring revenue […]

Which Applications Should you Put in the Cloud?

Introduction: Many organizations are starting to utilize the cloud for their enterprise applications. Before doing so it is prudent to consider the pros and cons of the private or public cloud environments and which applications may best be suited to make the most of the cloud. Those applications that are very sensitive and delicate, or […]

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery – Still Relevant?

How Relevant is Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for Today’s Digital World? It is estimated that by 2020 there will be about 50 billion connected devices worldwide. That is about 8 devices per human being on the planet. In today’s digitally pervasive world, not a moment goes by when someone is not interacting electronically […]

Why the CIO Must Understand the Cloud

Business Expectations The business needs the CIO to focus on providing a seamless, drama free business operations experience to all, while giving some departments and functions the ability to be more innovative, respond faster to threats and opportunities and all while keeping costs under control while probably maintaining a tight cost reduction trajectory. These are […]

A Phased Approach to a Cloud Migration

Enterprise Datacenter Migration to the Cloud Phase 1 – Understand the functional requirements for each application based on a number of business criteria and then start a pilot or trial project for a set of non mission critical applications and stage them into, an appropriate public cloud. Learn the ropes for the cloud environment by […]

Requirements for startup life in an existing company

Creating a Successful Startup Venture Inside a Larger Organization Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful startup within a larger company? Lets compare two visuals. First, what it takes to create life as we know it: Now lets look at what are the critical elements necessary for creating life within a large company: […]