GTM Solutions

The Juldee GTM team creates a GTM solutions strategy and executes it for businesses to take their product to market and create significant growth. We do this via the focused stages of Planning, Engagement, Demand Generation and Convince and Close. Recently, we have

  • Created a GTM solutions plan to grow a $300M business into $600M+
  • Grown a $5M enterprise solutions business to $50M in 18 months
  • Created a GTM solutions plan between two powerful enterprise computing providers to increase their business from $25M to over $60M, i.e. by over 100%

Our Go To Market (GTM) team accelerates your technology business growth

We have a proven approach to grow your customers rapidly

We use technology to scale up the business results

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The Juldee GTM difference

Juldee’s team comprises experienced executives who have seen a lot before. They are able to take the latest technologies, understand their business impact on customers, and create a GTM strategy to rapidly produce results.

The secret is truly understanding the customer value, and focusing on the right customers, helping them succeed. As successful customers provide positive feedback this is then blasted out to more and more customers. This develops into a virtuous cycle that keeps growing and geometrically scales the business.

How Juldee Invests

Juldee Ventures invests in building leaders in enterprise and consumer computing software, hardware and services. We grow business through innovative sales, marketing and GTM strategies and execution. Juldee partners with management teams, industry experts, corporations and investors. Juldee adds value through our capability networks, domain expertise and the application of strategic and operating services.

A few of our services include:

  • Technology and IP M&A
  • Restart and turnaround
  • Fund raising
  • Spinout
Juldee GTM could make your technology take off rapidly

The typical GTM challenge

Many companies have good marketing and product management and great sales. But because of a lack of coordination in GTM strategy and execution, the actual launch and success of their products may be sub optimal. We fix this by creating a cohesive GTM plan with milestones, systematically tracked using business software and managed by motivated team members to produce success, step by step.

Tracking GTM performance

Leading and lagging indicators such as competitive wins, sales cycle, average solution price and several other metrics help us keep track of the business performance and address issues before they become critical.

As of June 2020, Juldee’s data science and AI programmers have added AI algorithms that predict the success of specific GTM approaches based on past data. This helps us increase further, the chances of GTM success.